Morocco Insurance

The insurance sector in Morocco has experienced a better development after the adoption of new reform policies. The U.S.-Moroccan Free Trade Agreement has created many opportunities for the country’s finance sector. A large number of banking and insurance companies of United States have started their operations in Morocco.
Ministère des Finances et de la Privatisation has been working as the regulatory body in the country’s insurance sector.

Morocco Insurance Companies

Leading Life and non-life insurance companies in Morocco on the basis of their gross written premiums are as follows:

Morocco Life Insurance Companies

Major life insurance companies in Morocco is as follows:
RMA Watanya Insurance
AXA Assurance Maroc Insurance
Marocaine Vie Insurance
CNIA Insurance
Wafa Insurance
Atlanta Insurance
Zurich Insurance
Sanad Insurance
Morocco Non-Life Insurance Companies

Major Non-Life Insurance companies in Morocco is as follows:
Wafa Insurance
Essaada Insurance
Sanad Insurance
Atlanta Insurance
CAT Insurance
Zurich Insurance
MAMDA Insurance


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