Pet Insurance

Pets are an important part of the family ,for the protection of their life and health there are various pet insurance policies provided by different companies. Pet Insurance covers all pet animals like Dog, Cat , bird, horse and other exotic animals. Dog is one of the most popular pets and almost all pet insurance companies offer dog insurance .

Pet Insurance is the insurance which pays the veterinary costs if one’s pet is ill, injured due to an accident, or in case it has died, or is lost or stolen (all payment towards a claim have to be made by the pet owner). It does not cover veterinary treatment like vaccination and neutering.

Pet insurance largely means insurance for dogs and cats, with some special insurance available for horses. (Insurance agency like Veterinary Pet Insurance covers other exotic animals also like chameleons and turtles). Such insurance are more practiced in developed countries and insurance cover policies differ from company to company.

Pet insurance covers the financial risk and pays the veterinary treatment costs if pet is ill or injured from accident or is lost.

Nature of Pet Insurance Policies :
Generally pet insurance policies limit the (insurance) amount payable by either:

• capping the total sum payable annually
• placing limit per illness or accident
• placing cap per claim (after limiting the claim period to a year)

Pet Health Insurance:

It is an affordable option to secure the health risk of pet and provide financial help to the pet owners so that they can give best health care to their pets. The policy vary according to the animal , its breed, age and health conditions. The health insurance includes routine check up, annual checkups, vaccinations and other benefits.

Some Pet Insurance Agencies:

Veterinary Pet Insurance(VPI) is the oldest and largest pet insurance company in the US. It covers birds and other animals (from goats to extra large snakes) besides dogs and cats. Besides over 6400 illnesses, injuries and accidents, VPI also gives additional coverage for preventive care such as vaccines, flea control, and others. For cats and dogs, VPI offers VPI Superior Plan, Vaccination and Routine Care Coverage, and VPI Standard Plan. For birds it offers VPI Avian and Exotic Plan for Birds, and other kind of animals, there is VPI Avian and Exotic Plan for Exotic Pets. It offers comprehensive coverage for dogs by means of VPI Superior Plan (it protects dogs from accidental injuries, illnesses and covers prescriptions, diagnostic tests, x-rays, lab fees, etc.), Vaccination & Routine Care Coverage (covers routine benefits worth $200) and VPI Standard Plan (covering injuries and illnesses with lesser reimbursement).

Petplan Pet Insurance offers six plans including economical accident only coverage, comprehensive accident coverage, illness and preventive care coverage. Some of its plans are PetMedic Plans, Cover for Life Plans, etc.

PetCare Insurance offers dog insurance programs like QuickCare Gold and QuickCare Preferred (covering all accidents and illnesses), QuickCare (covering only selected accidents and no illness), QuickCare Senior for Senior Pets (covering selected accidents and illnesses), and others.

National Insurance Company Limited in India provides insurance for pet dogs of cross-breed and exotic breeds (between 2 months to 8 yrs old). It covers death caused by diseases and accidents, and even permanent total disability can be covered by paying additional premium.

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited covers indigenous, cross bred, or exotic dogs (Pet dog, watch dog, sheep dog, and hunting dogs) between 8 weeks to 8 years of age and provides insurance against death caused by accident or diseases.

Pets Best Insurance [Tagline: ‘Pet Insurance that really pays!’] was founded by Jack Stephens in 1982, and is located in Boise, Idaho, the US. It is the largest pet insurance company in the US. It sponsors Skeeter Foundation, a body that helps to educate and support programs which recognize the benefits of the bond between pets and people.
The various pet insurance plans offered by Pets Best Insurance include:
• Illness and Accident Plans [including Pets First Plan, Pets Basic Plan, Pets Accident Plans (US $75 Deductible and US$200 Deductible)]
• Accident Only Plans [including Pets First Plan, Pets Basic Plan, Pets Accident Plans (US $75 Deductible and US$200 Deductible)]
• Routine Care Options [including Wellness First Option and Wellness Basic Option (with Pets First or Pets Basic)]

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