Zurich Insurance Company Ratings

Zurich Insurance Company Ratings have improved significantly in the recent past because of the betterment in its financial position. Some of the rating agencies that have given it high rating are A.M.Best, S&P, Moody and Fitch. This article would help the reader to know more on the topic.
Zurich Insurance Company Ratings
Zurich Insurance Company (ZIC) Ratings are revised by A.M.Best during December, 2007. According to Best, ZIC’s financial position as well as credit giving capacity has improved significantly. This has made A.M.Best to revise Zurich Insurance Company’s rating from stable to positive.

Types of Ratings and Zurich Insurance Company
There are generally two types of ratings that are given to an insurance company, namely Financial Strength Rating

Issuer Credit Rating

In both these criteria, Zurich Insurance Company’s situation has improved.
In case of Financial Strength Rating, it is given an “excellent” or “A” rating by A.M.Best. Zurich Insurance Company was given “A+” for Issuer Credit Rating by A.M.Best.

Zurich Insurance Company Ratings � by S&P, Moody and Fitch
Zurich Insurance Company also received good ratings from other rating companies like S&P, Moody’s and Fitch.

It has received an AA-/stable Financial Strength Rating from S&P. ZIC got AA-/stable rating from S&P in case of Issuer Credit Rating

Zurich Insurance Company is given an A1/stable rating by Moody’s in the financial strength category. ZIC is given a very high rating by Fitch. According to Fitch, the insurance company’s financial rating at present is A+/positive.

Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited
Global Credit Ratings, internationally acclaimed Credit Rating Company has rated Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited with an AA+. This rating reflects very high ability of the insurer in paying off the claims.

Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited had also received this rating during the previous year too and has been successful in maintaining its rating status. In Insurance market of South Africa, it is now considered as the strongest insurer.

Credit as well as financial rating of Zurich Insurance Company has improved markedly as its financial position has shown better results during 2007. This rating would help the company to attract more customers towards it and improve its business further.

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