Real Estate Insurance

Real Estate means land, as well all the natural resources and permanent buildings present on it. Real Estate Insurance, hence therefore implies insurance for those property and contents which are located in a particular premise, against any kind of possible loss or damage.

Real estate insurance can include:

• Errors and Omissions Insurance
• Home Owner’s Insurance
• Home Warranty
• Insurance Brokers
• Mortgage Insurance
• Title Insurance

In Property insurance Protection is provided to property against risks like fire, theft and some weather damage.
Mortgage insurance means an insurance policy which protects lenders or investors for losses due to default of a mortgage loan.
Title Insurance is a type of indemnity insurance which protects owner’s and lender’s interest against financial loss in property from title defects, mortgage liens.
Property insurance protects a person or business from the risk that affects the value of the property. Builder’s risk insurance is a property insurance coverage which protects against damage to buildings while they are under construction from physical loss and damage from a cause.
There are various insurance companies in the world which offer real estate insurance.
• Professional Indemnity Insurance
• Landlords Residential Property Protection
• Employee Benefit Insurance/Income Protection
• Combined Office Insurance
• Employment Practices Liability
• House Insurance
• Building Insurance
• Landlord’s Insurance
• Homeowner’s Insurance

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