Texas Department of Insurance

Insurance is another important medium of infrastructure. The Texas law provides insurance to its people for a secured and peaceful life. The Texas Department of Insurance features information on the prevailing trends in the insurance industry.

The department is the determining body of the insurance in Texas. The insurance department was established in 1876. The Texas government took the initial step of insurance as the population and the economy was developing.

According to Texas law, some of the Texas insurance codes are codified while some remains non codified. The chapters 29, 25, 21A, 21, 7,5,4,3,2,1 falls under the Insurance Code of 1951 and are non codified. The codified chapters falls under the titles:

Protection of Consumer Interests
Regulation of Solvency
Texas Department of Insurance
Organization of Insurers and Related Entities
Department Funds, Fees and Taxes
Life Insurance and Annuities
Property and Casualty Insurance
Provisions Applicable to Life and Health Coverages
Health Insurance and Other health Coverages
Title Insurance
Regulation of Professionals
Other Coverage
Interstate Insurance Compacts
Utilization Review and Independent Review

Service given to the Texas business community by the Texas department of insurance come under different categories:
Health Coverage for Big and Medium size Employers
Health Coverage for Small Employers
Commercial insurance
Insurance research
Worker’s Compensation Research
Title Insurance

The Texas insurance have experienced the growth of consumers since its inception. To serve the customers with effectiveness the department has formulated two types of policies called the new issue life settlement and the zero premium life insurance. The offers are specially formulated for senior citizens aged between 65 to 85.

The Texas Department of Insurance has been serving the country with its dynamic service. The various offers designed for the business community, the consumers and the agents have successfully led to the development of the Texas economy. The attempt of the Texas Law to open an insurance company for securing the lives of the Texas people have been successful.

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Last Updated on : 4th June 2013

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