Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a comprehensive package aimed at safeguarding an individual from the losses that he or she may face during traveling. Travel insurance covers the medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation and other losses that are incurred while one is traveling either within one’s own country or to the other parts of the world. The total price of the travel insurances or the premium amounts depend upon the period of travel.

Many of the travel agents, tour operators or cruise liners can arrange for comprehensive travel insurances. These insurances can be of great value in case of any injuries or sicknesses during travel. It is always best to get covered for hazardous pursuits like diving and skiing.

Travel insurances can cover personal possessions like baggage, cameras, video cameras and other expensive items. Price of the travel insurance depends upon the coverage.

The following types of travel insurance coverage can be expensive than the normal travel insurance charges:

  • Coverage for high risk sports like scuba-diving may be highly costly.
  • Insurance coverage or traveling to countries where risk-rate is high can also be costly.
  • Travel insurance costs can be higher for patients suffering from diseases like diabetes and asthma.

During traveling, several risks remain and the travel insurances provide comprehensive coverage. Some of the travel-associated risks are as follows:

Delayed departure
Delayed baggage
Medical expenses
Loss, theft or damage of personal belongings (including passport, visa and tickets)
Overseas funeral related expenses
Emergency evacuation
Legal assistance
Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit
Personal liability and rental car damage associated expenses

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