USA Insurance

Insurance in USA is a flourishing industry with several types of products and a number of well known companies that provide facilities such as low rates and quick and comprehensive coverage. The insurance coverage in the United States of America is marked to be highest in comparison to other countries over the world. The well-educated people in the country are more conscious about insurance particularly the life insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioner (NAIC) founded in the year 1871 acts as the regulatory body in the insurance industry in United States of America.

The cost of living in USA is rising and to cope up to the expectations of the living conditions along with daily risk involved one should rely on various insurance policies. One should always focus on the needs and the risk profile and the various insurance schemes available.

Insurance in USA can be classified into six broad categories – car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, business insurance and motorcycle insurance. Allstate, Liberty Mutual, FARMERS, PROGRESSIVE, Nationwide and State Farm are some of the leading insurance companies of USA.

USA Car Insurance
Car insurance in USA is also available on the Internet. Some of the leading companies provide special rates that allow policyholders to save a good deal of money. A couple of the leading car insurance companies of USA can be mentioned as below:

2) Esurance
3) Allstate
5) AAA Insurance

USA Home Insurance
Home insurance is one of the most popular forms of insurance in USA. These policies cover the families and valuables of the holders apart from their homes. The home insurance plans come with no obligation quotes that are provided quickly and for free. Some of the top companies in this regard may be mentioned as below:

1) Allstate
3) Liberty Mutual

USA Health Insurance
Health Insurance plans in USA basically covers individuals and families, which includes coverage on prescription, drugs, dental, vision, pregnancy and childbirth benefits. The leading companies dealing in health insurance products in USA provide special rates that are available primarily on the internet. These policies also enable the holders to save a few dollars. The leading health insurance products and services providers of USA may be mentioned as below:

1) eHealth
2) Anthem Health Insurance
4) Healthnet
5) United American

USA Life Insurance
The characteristics features of life insurance policies, which are among most highly sought after types of insurance in USA, are the instant coverage and low rates.It surely insures your life as it gives financial help to your loved ones even in your absence maybe for a specific term of life or it may be for your whole life. Pay off your mortgages, loans in case of emergencies.Following are some of the top life insurance companies of USA:

1) New York Life
2) Allstate
4) MetLife
5) Liberty Mutual
Travel Insurance in USA:
Be it a personal travel or a business travel; travel insurance covers you from related travel investments, health, your belongings. There are many related aspects to it starting from vacation insurance, to travel health insurance, travel medical insurance and so on.

USA Insurance Companies

Major insurance companies in the United States of America have their global operations. Some of the leading life and non-life insurance companies in the United States of America are as follows:

Life Insurance Companies In USA:

Some of the leading life insurance companies in the United States are as follows:
American International Group
Metropolitan Group
ING America Insurance Holding Group
Aegon US Holding Group
New York Life Group

Non-Life Insurance Companies In USA:

Leading Non-Life insurance Companies in the United States of America are as follows:
Allstate Insurance Co. Group
Liberty Mutual Group
Nationwide Group
Farmers Insurance Group
Progressive Casualty Group
Zurich Insurance Co. Group

Top 10 Countries by Life and Non-Life Direct Premiums Written, 2014 (U.S. $ millions)
Rank Country Life premiums Nonlife premiums Amount Percent change from prior year Percent of total world premiums
1 United States $528,221 $752,222 $1,280,443 2.10% 26.80%
2 Japan 371,588 108,174 479,762 -3.7 10.04
3 United Kingdom 235,321 115,945 351,266 7.9 7.35
4 PR China 176,950 151,490 328,439 17.3 6.9
5 France 172,761 97,759 270,520 5.1 5.66
6 Germany 118,475 136,170 254,644 2.8 5.33
7 Italy 145,292 49,443 194,735 15.3 4.08
8 South Korea 101,572 57,943 159,515 9.4 3.34
9 Canada 52,138 73,235 125,373 -2 2.62
10 Taiwan 21,855 74,100 95,956 -3.5 2.01

Last Updated on: 6th July 2016

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