Investment Banks

Investment banks are financial groups set up to help governments and large enterprises raise money by issuing and selling securities in the primary market. Their main objective is to assist public and private corporations in raising capital. These banking firms generally act as an intermediary between the issuer of securities and the investors.
Investment bankers handle the distribution of previously issued financial securities and also maintain the market for securities that are already distributed. They are an important source of advice on acquisitions, mergers and other types of financial transactions. There are very few banking firms that solely offer investment banking services – most provide additional services such as fixed income, trading of derivatives, equity securities, commodities and foreign exchange.

With the advent of the Internet, banking services around the world have become easier. The process of information exchange is now fast and hassle-free.

Online investment banking has made financial transactions easier than ever before, and online services such as investment plans and secure payment are changing the nature of the banking industry.
A recent study on investment banking worldwide showed that revenue had increased to $52.8 billion in 2005, 14% higher than 2004. The US held a 51% share of the entire market in 2005, while Europe with the Middle East and Africa generated 31% and the Asian countries generated 18% of the total market share.

Large Investment banking Firms
Bank Name Revenue Net Income Total assets Assets under management (AUM)
1. Goldman Sachs $28.811B $4.442B $923.00B $828.00B
2. Morgan Stanley $32.406B $4.111B $807.69B $781.475B
3. JP Morgan $97.234B $18.976B $2,265.79B $1,923.88B
4. Credit Suisse $27.05B $2.074B $1,115.9B $1,307.7B
5. Bank of America Merrill Lynch $94.426B $1.446B $2,129B 647.126B
6. Barclays Capital $50.2B $6.141B $2,431.48B $253.394B
7. Citigroup $78.353B $11.067B $1,873B
8. Deutsche Bank $42.999B $5.569B $2,802.71B $1,445.83B
9. UBS AG $29.585B $4.429B $1,510.95B $2,307.16B
10. Wells Fargo $86.08B $18.89B $1,422B $450B

Source: Equity-research
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