Royal Bank Investment

Royal Bank Investment provides investment services to more than 15 million clients. The bank operates through 70,000 employees including some part-timers. The investment and banking services of Royal Bank Canada are offered in 34 countries and the product line includes several other services like corporate and investment banking, wealth management and many more.

The Royal Bank investment services include the following:
Registered Retirement Savings Plan
Registered Education Savings Plan
Guaranteed Investment Certificates

The Registered Retirement Savings Plan provides the opportunity to save for future. The clients get full tax relief on the amount of money that they invest in Registered Retirement Savings Plan of Royal Bank Canada.

The investors can choose from different investment options like savings deposit, mutual funds, bonds, equities and treasury bills. The Registered Education Savings Plan helps the clients to invest for their wards’ future and higher education.
Guaranteed Investment Certificates are the secured mediums of investment. The returns are also guaranteed in this medium. There are several types of GIC where the interest rates determine the return. The interest rates may follow the fixed or floating rate pattern. On the other hand there are several other GICs, which are dependent on the market. Some of the guaranteed-return GICs are Non-Redeemable & Redeemable GICs, U.S. Dollar Term Deposits. The Prime-Linked Cashable GIC is an interest linked plan and the Canadian Market-Linked GIC is a market linked plan.

The Royal Bank Canada Investment, also provides several other investment opportunities, which can be categorized as follows:
Personal: Online Investment, Professional Wealth Management, Mutual Funds, Pooled Funds and many more
Business and Corporate: Professional Wealth Management, Online Investment, Global investment Management, Discretionary Investment Management

The investment plans of Royal Bank Canada are designed with a view that the money can grow as much as possible in the limited time. At the same time the security of the investments is also considered with due importance. In case of corporate clients, the banking professionals of Royal Bank Canada take special care to manage the surplus of the business and at the same time, they also try to develop the capital and assets so that the business can grow rapidly.

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