Swiss Bank Investment

Swiss Bank is one of the biggest bank service providers in the world. The bank offers several types of services to the clients.Swiss Bank investment is one of those services, which is very popular among the clients. Through this service, the bank provide the clients with various ways to invest in the stocks and gold.
The gold market of Switzerland is one of the largest in the world. The trend of investment in the gold market is very high in the country. At the same time a huge number of international investors also invests in the sector. The bank offers specialized services to these investors. It also provides the investors with the opportunity to invest in the stocks.

Switzerland tax structure is so much flexible that it is considered as the heaven for the investors. This has increased the trend of investing in the country. At the same time, the investment services of Swissbank are designed in such a manner that the identity of the investor remains secret. At the same time the charges for these services are also very low which in turn creates the huge demand for these services.
The bank offers several options for gold investment.

Some of these are:
Purchasing Actual Gold: The bank provides the opportunity to buy actual gold to the investors. The service is provided against a flat rate which is decided by the bank.
Precious Metal Account: This facility provides the client the option to own a part of the gold bar. The client does not buys it originally but invests in that gold-bar. The bank charges an annual fees to keep the gold in its custody.
Investing in the Gold Industry: The bank offers the customer an unique option to invest in the booming gold industry. The client can use the special accounts provided by the bank to buy shares of the companies that are involved in the gold processing activities. Gold Based Products: The Swiss Bank offers several gold based products in which the investors can put their money.

The clients can also invest in the stock markets by using the Swiss Bank accounts. This bank provides the online facility for the purpose. The bank generally purchases shares for itself and then it distributes the shares to its client. The original share-holder remains unknown. The charge for such transactions are a bit higher. The online transaction fee remains between 0.2% -0.6% and the traditional market fee remains between 0.75%-1.30%.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013

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