Investment Brokerage

Investment brokerage refers to the services offered by the investment brokers. The principal function of an investment broker is to match the buyers with the sellers of investments. Usually, a broker is a person or firm, which functions as an intermediary between the purchaser and the seller. A broker who functions as a buyer or seller plays the role of a principal party for the transaction.
The function of a broker is different from that of an agent. An agent functions on the part of a principal. An investment brokerage firm is a commercial entity, which functions like an investment broker. It provides a comprehensive range of services related to investments to its clients with the help of the investment brokers. In some instances, investment brokers are also called as investment advisors or investment consultants.

The services offered by investment brokerage include the following:
Stock brokerage services
Real estate brokerage services
Foreign exchange brokerage services
Insurance brokerage services
Commodity brokerage services
Consultation or advisory services

For the provision of different types of services, the investment broker charges a fee from the client, which is known as commission. This is usually expressed as a percentage.

The investment brokerage firms offer valuable investment tips to the investors regarding various types of investments. With the help of investment brokerage services, the clients are able to achieve their financial objectives quite easily. They help the investors to create a sound investment portfolio with the combination of different types of investments. They apply different types of investment strategies, which prove to be profitable for the investors and the investors are able to find which should be the most suitable investment option for them. The investment brokerage services are also helpful for retired persons regarding their retirement planning and to increase their savings for contingency situations.

Online investment brokerage services are also offered by a number of investment brokerage firms. Online investment proves to be a quick, convenient and cheap method of fund management.

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