High-Yield Investment Program Schemes

There are a number of High-Yield investment program schemes are available in the market. The investors can invest any amount of money in these HYIPs because there is no maximum limit for these investments. Different plans offer various rate of return to the investors ranging from 2% daily to 20% weekly.
The high yield investment programs are very popular in the investment sector. These programs provide huge amount in returns and that is also in a short span of time. Because of this, a wide range of investors with different financial condition and needs invest in these programs.

To meet their needs, a wide range of High-Yield investment program schemes are offered to the clients with a number of features.

Various High-Yield Investment Program Schemes
Ponzi Schemes: Most of the Ponzi schemes are related to the HYIP scams. The investors are assured of high returns for their investments. The scheme encourages the existing investors to introduce new investors in the program. The money of the new investor is used to pay the other investors. This is a cycle and it goes on. Most of the providers of these schemes claim to have huge investments in the securities market, Forex or real estate and so on. The base of these schemes is the human greed and inexperience of the investors
Pyramid Schemes: This is one of the popular High-Yield investment program schemes. According to this scheme, the investors need to look for new investors or members who will be placed under them. The new investors also need to arrange other investors as their subordinates. In this way the pyramid is formed and the older members are paid with the money of the new members. Like the providers of Ponzi schemes, the pyramid scheme providers also claim for having secured source of income from different kind of exotic products.

Apart from these, there are a number of other High-Yield investment program schemes available in the market. Some of these are the ABBFund, Swisscash, EAINDEX and many more.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013

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