Types of HYIP Scams

The HYIPs offer the opportunity of getting higher returns from the investment then any other investment options. At the same time, a major portion of these funds are subjected to different types of HYIP scams. The investors become victim of their own greed and lose their money.

There are different types of HYIP scams that took place in the recent past. The arbitrage factor is very important in almost all these HYIP scams. According to these incidents and available data, the HYIP scams can be divided in the following types:

Discounted Bank Guarantees:

These are actually securities that are provided to the investor. According to the promises made by the banking institutions the payment of funds depends on fulfilling of certain conditions. Once these are done, the investor can ask for their money. There are a number of these HYIP investment options in the market and all these are legal. The HYIP scammers use this option to attract victims. There are a number of investors who are not enough experienced about the investment sector and the tricks of these scammers. These people are trapped for using their Discounted Bank Guarantees as secondary collateral for different transactions. These are used to make the transaction legally perfect

Forex Trading:

This is among the most common types of HYIP scams. These scams are related to the Forex trading activities. The investor base of this market is vast and so the scammers try to find their victim from this market. Here also, the investors are attracted by the higher return factor

MTN Notes:

These investment options are also known as Medium Term Notes. These notes are different from other HYIP products because it is not a type of securities. These are actually traded among the giant global banking institutions. According the experts, these products offers creates some of the biggest opportunities of HYIP scams

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013

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