Advantus Investment Management

Advantus Capital Management is a trusted name and it manages assets for the institutional clients. The company offers general account management services, index equity portfolios and a number of other products for the institutional clients.

Products and Services offered by Advantus Investment Management
The company also provides indirect investment services to individual clients as well as advisory services to retail mutual funds, life insurance companies and so on. The company has designed a number of products for the purpose of looking after the investment related aims and needs of its clients.

These are used as tools to increase the value of the investments. The company offers a number of investment product to the client. The products are divided in two broad categories, fixed income and public equity.

Some of the products are the following:

Fixed Income Products

  • Short Duration
  • Mortgage Securities
  • Full Duration
  • Core Plus
  • Intermediate Duration
  • Long Duration


Public Equity Products

Real Estate Securities

Investment Management Team of Advantus

The investment management team of the company is made up of highly experienced professionals. These people have both the theoretical and the practical knowledge of the capital markets. The team carries out research work on a number of securities to select the best option for investment. The team also takes care of the risk management process so that the clients can be provided full security in the hostile market conditions.

Approach to Investment

The Advantus Investment Management aims at the development of the assets as much as possible. However, at the same time, the firm also tries to avoid risk as much as possible. There are different kind of clients and investment objectives of all these clients are different. The investments are done according to these investment objectives of the clients.
Contact Details:
Advantus Capital Management, Inc.
400 Robert Street North
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101–2098

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