Denver Institutional Asset Management

Denver Institutional Asset Management services is provided by Denver Investment Advisors LLC. Denver Institutional Asset Management services manage money for a wide range of institutions. They include corporations, healthcare plans, public entities, endowments, foundations and the like.

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Denver Institutional Asset Management services follow a decision making process, which is bottom up. It focuses on a research policy, which is based on quantitative analytical methods and strict evaluation procedures. This makes the transaction process more credible. Denver Institutional Asset Management follows a variety of investing styles.

They are Domestic Equity Styles, Balanced Style, International Equity Style, Insurance Style and Domestic Fixed Income Styles.

Denver Institutional Asset Management Styles
Under Domestic Equity Styles there are Growth Styles and Value Styles . Under Growth Styles there are Mid-Cap Growth, Large-Cap Growth, SMID-Cap Growth and Concentrated Mid-Cap Growth. Under Value Styles there are Small-Cap Value , Large-Cap Core , Small-Cap Core and Mid-Cap Value .
Balanced Style deals with balanced management. International Equity Style involves the international small-cap. Insurance Style basically deals in insurance asset management. Under Domestic Fixed Income Styles there are Intermediate Fixed income, Municipal Fixed Income, Fixed Income which is Core Investment Grade, Core -Plus Fixed Income, Fixed Income which is Long-Term and Fixed Income which is High Yield and Core Fixed Income .
More on Mid-Cap Growth
Mid-Cap Growth under growth styles is the flagship product of Denver Investment Advisors LLC. Denver Institutional Asset Management services choose medium sized companies using their unique selection procedure. This procedure is formulated from high end quantitative technique based research. The evaluation procedure is strict and confirms to the highest standards in the industry. The focus is on the growth of earnings.
More on Large-Cap Growth
The investment approach followed is a bottom up one for identifying the large-cap growth business organizations. The focus of the research process is to identify and segregate the growth catalysts. Growth catalysts can either belong to the short run category or the long run one. The basic idea followed is that, for attaining a positive long run return a balanced mix of companies is required. There should be companies which use short run ‘tactical’ growth catalysts as well as companies , which focus on the long run ‘strategic’ growth catalysts.

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