Institutional Investor Memberships

The Institutional Investor Membership provides more than 400 asset management firms of the United States of America and Europe with a common platform to interact with each other and to discuss any kind of issue that is related to the industry and its expansion in the whole world.
Institutional Investor Memberships play an important role in the development and expansion of asset management industry in the American and European countries. The Institutional Investor Memberships can be termed as societies that are created by small groups of asset management professionals.

The professionals who are members of the Institutional Investor Memberships and are from the leading asset management companies of the United States of America and Europe discuss a number industry issues among them. The conclusion of these discussions help the industry to develop rapidly.

Types of Institutional Investor Memberships
The professionals who take part in the discussion come from different levels and each group is created with the professionals of same level and rank. There are different groups of CEOs, mutual fund executives, institutional sales executives and a lot more. At the same time, the Membership is categorized in twelve different groups.
The groups are the following:

US Based Memberships European Memberships
  • Institutional Investor Legal Forums
  • Financial Technology Forums
  • U.S. Institutes
  • Institutional Investor Institutes
  • Fixed Income Forums
  • TraderForums
  • Hedge Fund Institutional Forums
  • Investment Funds Institutes
  • European Institutes
  • Global Fixed Income Institutes
  • European TraderForums
  • European Institutional Investor Institutes

Institutional Investor Memberships Discussion Topics
A number of topics are put under the microscope in the round-table meetings. The professionals discuss about different investment areas and their future potential and risk factors. The business management strategies and maintenance of good client relationship are also discussed in these meetings. Apart from these, there are a number of topics that are discussed in these meetings.
Services provided by Institutional Investor Memberships
Apart from the common platform, there are several other services that are offered by Institutional Investor Memberships to the annual membership holders. These services include a number of Roundtable meetings, White Paper research, various surveys and so on. Apart from these, the members are provided with easy access to a website that is exclusively created for the members. Several regional meetings are also arranged for the members.

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