Kieger’s Institutional Investment Consulting

Kieger is a financial advisory firm based in Zurich, Switzerland. Kieger’s institutional investment consulting is the best of its kind. The company deals with endowment policies, pension funds and corporate investments.

About Kieger’s Institutional Investment Consulting
Kieger ranks among the most reputed financial consultancy organizations in Switzerland. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.
The branch offices of the company are located in Lugano. Kieger’s institutional investment consulting services are one of the most sought after services by the institutional investors in Switzerland and abroad. Kieger principally deals with endowment plans, pension funds, as well as corporate investments and the company functions in a totally independent manner.

The principal objective of Kieger is to become a market leader in the field of institutional investment consulting with the help of total freedom and maintaining the best ethical standard of practices.

Standards of Practice
The senior financial consultants working under Kieger are members of IMCA or the Investment Management Consultant Association. This suggests that Kieger carries out its operations with highly ethical standards of practices and that is why Kieger is so famous.

The most significant matters associated with the profession of institutional investment consultancy are encompassed, which include the following:
Roadmap for Investment Manager Questionnaire
Roadmap for investment advisors about the receipt of profits or gains from Third Parties
Performance Reporting Standards
Standards of Practice and Code of Professional Responsibility

Services provided by Kieger
The institutional investment consulting services provided by Kieger can be categorized into the following types:
Investment strategy review
Selection of asset manager and custodian
Investment management implementation
Monitoring of investment management

Institutional Investment Consulting Team of Kieger

Currently, the institutional investment consulting team of Kieger comprises the following individuals:
Fabrizio Ammirati, CFA, FRM (Director and Senior Advisor)
Nicola Salvi (Analyst)
Fabrizio Schiavi (Director and Senior Advisor)

Contact Details:

Registered Office:
Sempacherstrasse 15
CH- 8032 Z?ich


Piazzetta San Carlo 2
CH – 6900 Lugano

Tel. +41-91-9101030
Fax +41-91-9101039

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