LOM Institutional Investment Management

LOM Institutional Investment Management helps the clients to maximize their returns on the investments. The client base of the company is very diversified and consists of a number both institutional and individual clients. LOM Institutional Investment Management services are offered by the LOM Group that operates in the global markets with a very good reputation.
The group provides its services in more than 75 countries and manages assets of nearly $1 billion. The assets are handled by experienced professionals like financial analysts, traders, financial advisors and so on. The team analyzes the need of the clients. Then according to the needs of the clients the available opportunities are used.

The process is also very helpful in providing customized investment solutions.

Clients of LOM Institutional Investment Management

There are different types of clients who are served by the company. The diversified client base of LOM Institutional Investment Management includes pension funds, reinsurance companies, trusts, corporations, captive insurance companies and a lot more. There are some individual clients also who can make huge investments. All these clients are provided with substantial returns for their investments.

LOM’s Objectives of Investment
The prime objective of the LOM Institutional Investment Management is to get as much as possible high returns from the investments. At the same time, the group also remains concerned about keeping the volatility factor under control. For the purpose, the group depends on proper selection of investment options.
Investment Policy Statement
The Investment Policy Statement is strictly followed by the LOM Institutional Investment Management for the purpose of allotting assets. The Statement of Investment Policy is used to determine a number of factors like risk tolerance capacity of the client, financial goals of the clients and a lot more. The portfolio constraints are other important factor that are analyzed through the Investment Policy Statement. Once these are determined, then the ways of achieving financial goals are decided. These ways are known collectively as Strategic Asset Mix.
Contact Details
LOM Asset Management Ltd.
The LOM Building
27 Reid Street
Hamilton HM 11


Telephone: (441) 295–6999 LOM (UK) Ltd.
28 Bruton Street
London W1J 6QW
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 659 5610

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