Nomura Asset Management

Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd is also known as NAM. The company was formed in the October of 1997. It was formed from the merger of Nomura Securities Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd, set up in 1959 and Nomura Investment Management Co., Ltd., formed in 1981. Its president is Takumi Shibata.

More on the Nomura Asset Management
Nomura Asset Management handles investment trust assets worth 18,797 billion yen .The volume of institutional investment assets managed by Nomura Asset Management amount to 7,110 billion yen . This statistical figure corresponds to the data released on 31st March,2007.

Nomura Asset Management has attained the distinction of being Japan’s biggest asset management company.

It has succeeded in doing this by providing its services and products to the following client groups:
personalized client services
state of the art risk management policies conforming to strict regulatory compliance
promulgating sophisticated objective research capabilities
increasing international client base of the company

Guiding philosophy of Nomura Asset Management
Nomura Asset Management believes that proper investment policies can be formulated only after the required ground work and relevant research has been done. The company also conducts a continuous research analysis on the prevailing market situations and the relevant market parameters.

Nomura Asset Management keeps its market and business basics clear since only a well informed choice can be a good choice.

The research team of Nomura Asset Management focuses on issues like the following:
basics needed for taking value–added investment decisions
detailed analysis of individual companies
international macro -economic trends and the like

Nomura Asset Management is committed to the provision of high quality service to it’s diverse client base.
Contact details:
Address 1–12–1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103–8260, Japan
Phone 81 (0)3–3241–9511

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