PNC Institutional Investment Management

PNC Institutional Investment Management offers customized investment management solutions to a huge client base. For the purpose different investment options like mutual funds, equities and a lot more investment options are provided. The group also provides administrative services to the clients.
The PNC Institutional Investment Management is operating in the market for more than 150 years. The company provides the clients with a number of services to manage their investments in such a manner that the returns can be maximized.

At the same time, administrative services are also offered to the clients to enhance their performances.

Client Base of PNC Institutional Investment Management
The company enjoys a good reputation in the market and has good performance records.

As a result of this the company is trusted by institutions of every size and this dependability is increasing with every success. The client base of the company consists of non-profit organizations, corporations, municipalities and so on.

Investment Management Process of PNC Institutional Investment Management
Each of the clients of the company have their own financial necessities and goals. Since a single investment management solution cannot suit clients’ need. the company provides the clients with Relationship Managers who analyze the needs and financial objectives of the clients. After then, with the help of the available resources, an appropriate investment solution is offered.
Services Offered by PNC Institutional Investment Management
Investment Management: This service is also known as asset management service. The investments are made in mutual funds, bonds and equities. At the same time, there are alternative investment solutions that are also provided to the clients. These solutions include private equity, hedge funds and so on.

Some of the clients of PNC Institutional Investment Management have surplus capital. PNC provides short term investment plans to these clients. It also assists the clients for doing investment in pooled income funds, gifts annuities and a lot more.

Defined Contribution Plan: PNC offers administrative and records maintaining services to the clients. At the same time, the company also provides educational as well as trustee services. Several investment options are also suggested. A package known as Vested Interest comprises of all these services.

Apart from these, there are Escrow Services, Charitable Endowment Services and a lot more that are offered by PNC Institutional Investment Management.
Contact Details
The PNC Financial Services Group
USX Tower, 600 Grant Street
Mailstop P6–PUSX–36–1
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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