Reinhart Institutional Investor Services

About Reinhart Institutional Investor Services
Reinhart Institutional Investor Services is one of the premier institutional investment consultancy services firms in the world. The headquarters of Reinhart are located in Madison, Wisconsin. Besides this, the offices of Reinhart are also located in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Waukesha (Wisconsin), and Rockford (Illinois).
The company was incorporated in 2006. Reinhart Institutional Investor Services offers fiduciary counsel, corporate governance program, investment agreement, securities litigation analysis and other consultancy services to union funds, pension funds, insurance companies, endowments and other corporate clients.

Reinhart functions as an unparalelled and knowledgeable institutional investment consultant. The services of Reinhart have been customized to satisfy the needs of the clients and are cost-efficient in nature.

Representative Clients of Reinhart Institutional Investor Services

The representative clients of Reinhart Institutional Investor Services include the following entities:
State of Michigan Retirement System
SWIB (State of Wisconsin Investment Board)
New York State Teachers’ Retirement System
Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System
Universities Superannuation Scheme
Vermont Pension Investment Council
Milwaukee County Employees’ Retirement System
Investment Initiatives, LLC

Services of Reinhart Institutional Investor Services

The services of Reinhart Institutional Investor Services can be categorized into the following types:
Corporate Governance Services
Fiduciary Counsel Services
Non U.S. Investor Services
Independent Securities Litigation Services
Investment Legal Services: (Investor Alert about LP Distribution Provisions, Investor Alert about Side Letters, Pension Fund International Tax Matters in Private Equity and Present Matters Related to Private Market Investments)

Contact Details:
Madison Headquarters
22 East Mifflin Street
P.O. Box 2018
Madison, WI 53701–2018
Tel: 608–229–2200
Fax: 608–229–2100
Toll–Free: 800–728–6239

Milwaukee Office
1000 North Water Street P.O. Box 2965 Milwaukee, WI 53201-2965
Waukesha Office
W233 N2080 Ridgeview Parkway
P.O. Box 2265
Waukesha, WI 53187–2265

Rockford Office
2215 Perrygreen Way
Rockford, Illinois 61107

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