SunTrust Institutional Investment Management

SunTrust Institutional Investment Management services are provided by SunTrust Banks, Inc. and are mainly offered to different kind of institutions. The company handles the assets of their clients and tries to increase the value of these assets. SunTrust Banks, Inc, is a financial holding company of the United States of America.
It is among the strongest companies of the sector. There are a number of subsidiaries that are working with the company. The subsidiaries of Sun Trust Banks, Inc. offer different kind of services to a diversified client base that includes institutional clients, business clients and a lot more.

The SunTrust Institutional Investment Management services have been designed by the company to help the clients in meeting their investment objectives and different types of financial needs.

Services provided by SunTrust Institutional Investment Management
The institutional investment is a specialized sector and the company has almost 100 years of experience in the field. The company has some of the highly experienced professionals to handle these programs and to offer the clients with appropriate investment options without taking too much risks.

Products offered by SunTrust Institutional Investment Management

The following products and services are offered to the institutional clients:

  • Corporate Trust Services
  • Retirement Services
  • Institutional Management Services

Corporate Trust Services
The Corporate Trust services are basically meant for the municipal as well as institutional clients. The company has a number of regional offices to provide these services.

The clients are provided with the following services in the Corporate Trust services section:
1031 Exchange Agent
Default Administration Services
Bond Indenture Trustee
Escrow Agent
Successor Trustee
Securities Custodian
Custom sub-accounting
Paying Agent and Registrar

Retirement Services
Retirement planing is very essential for a company because it is related directly to the employees’ future and so it can influence the production and services of the company. SunTrust Investment Management offers customized retirement plans and strategies to the institutional clients.

Some of the products on offer are:
Distribution Support Services
Plan Sponsor Access
Non-qualified Plans
401(k) Plans

Services provided by Trusco Capital Management, Inc.
Trusco is a subsidiary company of SunTrust Banks, Inc. It provides customized institutional management services to the clients and for that purpose the company carries out research work to identify the potential investment area for the clients. The services are mainly provided to the trade associations, insurance companies, labor unions, health care institutions and a lot more. These services are also provided to a particular class of individual investors.

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