Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC

Texas Institutional Investment Management offers portfolio management solutions to the clients. The company has enough resources and a team of extremely experienced professionals. These professionals follow a certain process to identify profitable investment options.

Services provided by Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC
The small cap and mid-to-large cap portfolios with enough growth potential are managed by Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC. Both these portfolios consists of nearly 30 holdings. The market capitalization of the small-cap portfolios are created with all those stocks that have market capitalization of at least $300 million and at the most $3 billion.

Any stock with more than $3billion market capitalization is kept under the mid cap stocks.

The Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC also offers another option that is known as all-cap portfolio consisting of nearly 60 stocks.

Portfolio Building Process of Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC
The company follows a certain process for developing appropriate portfolios for the clients. The process followed is quite innovative. For such purposes the company professionals analyzes the recent trends of the stocks. There are two different models that help in sorting out the potential stocks. Then the selected stocks are analyzed once again and finally the investment is done in the best possible option.

The company believes that a combination of both fundamental and technical analysis is essential for the selection of a perfect stock. The company believes that it is the fundamental analysis that helps in selecting a good company. In the same way, the technical analysis is used to select a perfect stock. So application of a combined model of both of these can ensure good returns from the portfolio.
Resources used by Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC
Recently the information technology resources have developed rapidly and this development has helped the Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC because these technologies are used by the company in the entire process of portfolio development.
Contact Details:
Texas Institutional Investment Management, LLC
15600 U.S. Highway 281 North, Suite 103
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Phone: (210)490–2200
Toll Free: (877)676–2200
Fax: (210)490–2210

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