Wright Investors Service

Wright Investors’s Service is an internationally acclaimed investment management financial advisor company. It is based in Milford, Connecticut. The client profile of the company includes institutions, individual investors , banks, and corporate houses. It encourages a balanced risk return portfolio.

More on Wright Investors’s Service
Wright Investors’s Service formulates personalized well planned sophisticated investment solutions for its clients. The idea is to go in for a well informed, properly weighted portfolio selection so that the investment has a balanced risk return matrix.

Wright Investors’s Service has in its payrolls senior experienced investment professionals. They are backed up by a team of efficient and talented support staff. The support staff are engaged in a continuous analysis of the prevailing economic situation and business and investment parameters.

Researched subjects cover areas like
actual and predicted corporate earnings
client portfolios
interest rates
individual securities
effects of economic predictions on the concerned markets

Wright Investors’s Service is all for a customer-centric approach of servicing. It believes in transparency in operation. Each client is provided with one or more, as the case may be, Client Service Officers by the company. These officers are veteran investment professionals who efficiently serve the client’s financial interests. Wright Investors’s Service’s reporting wing delivers updated personalized reports to its clients.
Research activity of Wright Investors’s Service
Wright Investors’s Service promulgated Worldscope, which is one of the world’s finest, comprehensive and accurate database on corporate finance. It is a valuable database used by the company as an equity research tool. The database is widely acclaimed in the whole industry and used by a host of other companies also. Wright Investors’s Service developed this database about 15 years ago.

The company also provides Worldscope with an editorial overview. It displays stellar vision and international perspective. Its clients, as well as, the financial community hugely benefits from the high quality research activity of the company.
Product and Services of Wright Investors’s Service
Wright Investors’s Service provides a number of products and services to its clients. They are Private investment management, Wright mutual funds, Institutional asset management, Retirement plan services, and Trust investment services among others.
Contact details
Wright Investors’s Service
440 Wheelers Farms Road
Milford, CT 06460 USA
Phone number 800–232–0013
Fax: 203–783–4401

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