Investment Management Columbia

The industry of investment management Columbia is now experiencing a steady growth. There are a number of investment companies venturing to capture the financial market of Columbia. There are a number of investment management companies in Columbia that are offering investment plans to the investors of Columbia for years.
The investment management companies are growing in number and hence the investors are having innumerable investment options in hand. The investors can go for online services provided by the investment management companies in Columbia. Now with the availability of Internet access at every corner of the earth, getting online information on investment management is not difficult anymore.

The investors in Columbia who may be either the corporations or individuals can go for a number of investment plans that ideally meet their investment requirements.

Before taking up any investment scheme, it’s advisable to the investors to make a good research on the investment management market in Columbia. The investment management companies in Columbia are dedicated to value the assets and securities of the investors and are committed to earn the maximum possible benefit from the fund.
The investment managers or fund managers in Columbia are having sound knowledge about the financial information on the investment market. The fund manager also has commanding proficiency to assess the risk factors of the market and they decide to invest on most profitable financial instrument in the market. The investment management firms in Columbia offer various other financial services to the investors apart from the investment policies.

The success of any fund or investment depends largely on the investment policies taken by the investment management companies and the Columbia investment companies try to make the maximum investment returns to their clients.

The Columbia investment management association is providing education on the investment industry in Columbia. The association is also offering career development tool to the Columbia Business School students who are interested to build their career in the investment industry in Columbia. Starting from sponsoring guest lecturers from the actual industry practitioners to organizing a stock picking process and assisting the students with the recruiting process are the major tasks of the association. The approximate member strength of the club is 600 and it offers information on mutual funds, private wealth management, hedge funds and other investment measures.

Some of the major investment management companies in Columbia are:
Columbia Management
Columbia Asset Management
Columbia Partners LLC Investment Management
Anchor Investment Management
Columbia Management Group, Inc.
Columbia Wanger Asset Management
Columbia Funds


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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013

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