Bulgaria Property Investment

Bulgaria property investment market is in a flourishing state simply due to the reason that Bulgaria is one of the most preferred places for property investment in Europe. The property investment market in Bulgaria deals with two types of properties, namely residential property and commercial property.
Over the last few years, Bulgaria has undergone a significant amount of infrastructure developments. As a result, the tourism market has experienced a remarkable growth and this has opened up the opportunity for a steady buy to let purchases market in Bulgaria. Bulgaria offers a comprehensive range of opportunities related to property investment.

The property investment market in Bulgaria is coming up as one of the best property markets in the South Eastern region of Europe. New investors participating in the Bulgaria property investment market have significant potentials for growth.

At present, Bulgaria is regarded as one of the emergent markets for property investors all over the world and real estate professionals opine that the prosperity in the property investment market in Bulgaria will sustain.
A number of economic and natural factors are contributing towards the remarkable growth in the property investment market in Bulgaria to a large extent.

The cultural and natural factors include the following:
Historical attractions along with world heritage sites
Great ski resorts
Affordable flight services and the availability of direct flights from different parts of Europe
Short duration of direct flights
Lower density of population
Calm weather

The economic factors include the following:
The current development phase of Bulgaria
Increasing number of tourists
Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, it has a steady government and it is undergoing a number of economic reforms
Large volume of foreign direct investment (FDI) on a continuous basis
Cheap and competitive prices of properties and high probability of growth in comparison to the majority of other European countries
Bulgaria is regarded as one of the most developing countries in the European continent
Construction of properties focuses on improved quality of design and low environtmental hazard


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Last Updated on : 5th July 2016

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