Morocco Property Investment

Morocco property investment is offering excellent opportunity to the real estate investors. The sector is developing rapidly and the capital growth rate of the real estate sector in Morocco is expected to be 15-30%. The government of Morocco is trying to develop the tourism industry,which is going to be a boon for the property sector.
7-10 billion Euro has been allotted for the sector which will be used to develop the tourism industry in the country. The development of the tourism industry is expected to increase the profitability of the Morocco investment sector. With the influx of 10 million visitors, the need for the accommodation has gone up significantly and as a result the need for rental properties has also increased.

This increasing need has motivated the investors to invest in the buy-to-let properties. Morocco is a fascinating holiday destination.

The natural beauty of the country attracts large number of tourists throughout the year. Morocco is famous for its beautiful beaches and wonderful natural sights. The climate of the country in also soothing.
All these factors are making the property investment in Morocco, a profitable investment solution for both for the domestic and foreign investors. Along with all these, the property prices in Morocco are affordable and lower than other European countries. At the same time, the cost of living is quite low in Morocco.

On the other hand, the property tax is not applicable for the first five years in Morocco. The mortgage sector is also providing enough support for the investors. Because of all these, the property investors in Morocco are expecting annual returns to increase around 15-30%.

The another important factor, which is related to the investment is security of the investment. Morocco property investment is secured by the property registration, which is supervised by the Notary. By providing security to the investment, the government has made the Morocco property investments more lucrative.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2016

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