Financial Market Investment

When investing in the financial market, traders are provided with the opportunity to deal in financial securities, commodities and other freely interchangeable goods at affordable rates of transaction. The prices of these are reflective of effective market speculation. It has been observed that there has been noticeable evolution and an increase in the various financial markets.
These markets are making the best of efforts to enhance the factor of liquidity.

The different financial markets that are available at the present time are:
Real Estate Market
Bond Market
Commodities Market
Stock or Equities Market
Spot or Cash Market
Forex Market
Over-the-counter Market
Derivatives Market

There is an existence of general, as well as specialized financial markets in today’s world. General markets are where a diverse group of commodities are traded, whereas specialized ones are those, which specialize in dealing with only one kind of commodity or good.

The financial markets of today bring buyers with different interests onto the same platform. This process enables them to locate prospective customers and enhances the efficiency of the market operations as a whole.

The main participants of the process of financial market investment are as follows:

  • Investors
  • Institutional Investors
  • Speculators

The following facilities are available with investments in financial markets

Matching Seekers of Capital to its Possessors
Raising of Capital in the Capital Markets
International Trade in the Currency Markets
Transferring the Risk in the Derivatives Markets

The term market economy is important in the context of financial market investment. A market economy is primarily one where, the entire economic system has a certain degree of reliance on the transactions carried out between the traders and buyers. Market economy is different from other forms of economy like command economy or non-market economy. A basic example of non-market economy is gift economy.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2016

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