World Investment

The state of the world investment could be gauged by the world investment reports that are brought out by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The basic focus of the world investment report is on the patterns of foreign direct investment all over the world.
The World Investment Report looks at ways in which the foreign direct investments being made in various countries all over the world. This report can also be used to get an overall idea about the global economic scenario. India is amongst those growing economies, which, of late, have been receiving lots of foreign direct investments.

However, there are some regulations that are in place to govern the influx of foreign money in the developing nations of the world.

Following are some of the widely used forms of foreign direct investment that are prevalent in the developing countries across the world:
Monetary Collaborations
Capital Markets through Euro Issues
Joint Ventures
Private Placements and Preferential Allotments
Technical Collaborations

An important component of world investment is the World Investment Report. It is a publication offered by the United Nations Conference on Trade. The World Investment Report focuses primarily on assessment of the types of the foreign direct investments being made in different countries.

The primary aim of the World Investment Report has been finding out the ways in which the foreign direct investment can be used in the growth process of the developing and underdeveloped nations of the world.

The World Investment Report 2006 highlighted the following aspects:
Statistics with information on foreign direct investment inflow and stocks for economies across 196 countries
Specified analyses of topics relevant to foreign direct investment
Analysis of the foreign direct investment patterns of 2005, with emphasis on the importance of growth
Analyses of policies and suggestions
Rating of the major multinational corporations of the world

The World Investment Directory provides elaborate information on the amount of foreign direct investment being made in different countries across the world.

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