IPO Market In Greater China

The IPO market in Greater China showed remarkable performance in the year 2006. The Industrial and Commercial bank of China, and Bank of China in particular were the key players. Dual listing was something, which was looked forward to. Market capitalization got a boost in Greater China.
The year 2006, in particular has been quite sound for the Chinese economy. In majority of the markets growth in trading activities as well as market capitalization was evident. The IPO market in Greater China, yielded USD$62 billion. This was the first instance when money raised from the IPO market exceeded that of USD$48 billion , which the IPO s of United States of America raised from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American stock exchange as well as NASDAQ.

The ICBC or the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China coupled with the Bank of China were instrumental in the remarkable performance.

In the year 2006, the IPO market in Greater China has as many as 140 IPO s or Initial Public Offerings. In the year 2005, the deal pertaining to the IPO market in Greater China recorded was USD$260 million. On the other hand, the deal size on an average was USD$440 million in the year 2006.
This figure far exceeded the total amount raised from the IPO market in the United States, which stood at USD$220 million. United Kingdom recorded USD$130 million from the IPO market during the same period.(2006).

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China or the ICBC was the first financial institution in China to have listed simultaneously in both the Shanghai stock exchange as well as the Hong Kong stock exchange. It had traded the H shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange and the A shares on the Shanghai stock exchange. More and more companies are being encouraged to opt for dual listings in the country.

The market capitalization on an aggregate in the capital markets of Greater China was USD$3,455 billion during 2006 end. During the same period , a year earlier(2005), it was approximately, 79% less. The trading value( yearly) for the year 2006 in Greater China was USD$2,969 billion. It was observed that purchase of shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange was dominated by active interest expressed by foreign investors.

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Last Updated on : 30th July 2013

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