China Railway Construction Corporation IPO

China Railway Construction Corporation IPO is expected to raise a capital of $4 billion. There are few experts who suggest that it may as well be $5 billion. The total number of A shares have been restricted at 2.8 billion and that of the H shares type has been fixed between 1.8 billion to 2.07 billion. The article below reveal the same.
There are two prominent railway builders in China, China Railway Construction Corporation or CRCC being one of them. After receiving approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, it has geared up to launch the China Railway Construction Corporation IPO. However, it was instructed by the aforesaid ( China Securities Regulatory Commission) that CRCC IPO could not exceed 2.8 billion number of A shares.

This would represent 25.93% of the capitalization of the company. The China Railway Construction Corporation IPO is reckoned to trade on the Shanghai as well as Hong Kong stock exchanges.

The total number of shares that would trade on the Hong Kong stock exchange would be ranging between 1.8 billion-2.07 billion shares. It is being anticipated that if combined, this would raise approximately, USD$4 billion.
The A shares will be trading in the first half of March as compared to the H shares, which will be trading around the 14th of the same month. It has also been decided that while the A shares will be trading on the Shanghai stock exchange, the H shares will be trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange during the period mentioned above.

The opening date for China Railway Construction Corporation IPO has been slated as 25th February. This date as well as 26th February has been framed for the wholesale subscriptions pertaining to institutional investors whereas the retail subscriptions has been slated for 26th February. These subscriptions are expected to open on the stock exchanges during the first half of March, 2008.

Officials were of the opinion that the raised capital would be utilized for the improvement of various sectors of the economy.

In a similar move, in December, 2007, approximately, USD$5.5 billion was raised by China Railway Group. There was a simultaneous trading of these shares on both the Hong Kong as well as the Shanghai stock exchanges.

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Last Updated on : 30th July 2013

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