Hoovers IPO

In this paper we will discuss about Hoover’s IPO. Hoover’s Inc. is widely known for its IPO scorecard. It analyzes the IPO market regularly and provides enough informations regarding IPO to satisfy its customers. Hoover’s Inc. is a D&B company which provides comprehensive informations about companies, industries and big decision makers to its customers.
It also gives informations regarding business development, sales and marketing to those people who are willing to enter into the global stock market. In addition to that, some efficient tools are also available, which somebody can access through Hoover’s on line service, to sort, integrate, search and download the information.

The business information provided by Hoover’s are also easily obtainable through the corporate intranets and Hoover’s books. The headquarter of the company is situated in Austin, USA. It is famous for its IPO scorecard. Hoover’s examines the IPO market on a regular basis to publish the quarterly Initial Public Offering Scorecard.

The IPO activities are published on the Hoover’s IPO Central section. Each scorecard consists of a mixture of several IPO related facts which is usually selected by the editors of Hoover’s.
The facts include IPO performances, the ups and downs in the initial phase of stock exchange trading, and a IPO breakdown by the industry sector.

According to Hoover’s IPO scorecard for the first three months of 2006, Chipotle issued an IPO in January and Crocs in February. Crocs was able to raise 208 million dollars from the public in that year. Moreover, 44 US companies issued the IPO and raised 8.5 billion dollars which was 10% more than that of 2005.

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Last Updated on : 30th July 2013

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