In this paper we will analyze Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) IPO. KKR is a big name in the buyout market. The company launched its IPO in the late 2007. KKR aimed to raise a huge amount of money, over 750 million dollars, to finance its several upcoming projects.
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), a private equity giant, issued its IPO in the late 2007. Another big private equity firm Blackstone Group LP, the rival of KKR, issued its IPO in the middle of 2007.
The company (KKR) aimed to collect more than 750 million dollars through public issue.
Investment banks like Citigroup and Morgan Stanley were hired by KKR as underwriters.
However, the Blackstone group released almost 133 million shares in the market. The price ranged from 29 to 31 dollars per share. Blackstone aimed to collect 4.14 billion dollars from the public through its IPO. The success of KKR’s IPO depended upon the performance of Blackstone’s IPO.
KKR had been established in 1976. The company has completed over 150 transactions since its establishment. KKR’s total enterprise value is now more than 279 billion dollars.
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts has been the biggest and most active player in the buyout market for a long time. In 2007, it set a record in the buyout market for its 29 billion dollars transaction.
In 2007, the revenue generated by the company was almost 5.9 billion dollars. The company’s growth is always been on the positive side since its establishment.
The company is now introducing several plans to reduce its annual costs. Therefore it is safe enough to be a KKR’s issue holder.

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