Online IPO Penny Stock

Online IPO Penny Stock is the online process through which an investor could apply and avail the IPO shares of penny stocks. These IPOs are very attractive to the small retail investors because of their cheap price tag. This article tries to shed light on penny stock and the procedures involved in applying for them.
Introduction Online IPO Penny Stock is very popular among the retail investors. These investors are always in a look for these very cheap stocks which fit their budget very easily. Big investors generally avoid these IPOs because of their high risk propensity. Online IPO Penny Stock helps the investors to apply for the same from anywhere they want provided they have online access.

Penny Stock

Characteristic Features
Stocks which trade in the market at a very cheap price are known as penny stocks. In USA, these stocks generally move within the price range of one to five US Dollars.
Market capitalization of such stocks generally doesn’t cross the five hundred million dollar mark.
These stocks are not traded through the standardized exchanges. Penny stocks are Over-the-Counter stocks.

These stocks are available at a very cheap price in the market (both primary as well as secondary).
Fluctuation in the price is enormous which can increase the portfolio value of the investors by many times within a very short time span.

Information regarding its fundamental is not made available to the investors by the concerned company. Such information is available only through the stock brokers.
Penny stocks are not preferred by many since they are not liquid, so the frequency of buy and sell of the same is very less.
Chances of manipulation in these shares are very high and movement of price takes place on the basis of rumors.

Online IPO Penny Stock Investors could apply for the penny stocks through online route and consequently avail the same. Now-a-days, investors don’t have to go to the broker premises and fill up the form. These IPO Penny Stock application forms are available to the investors online. They can fill up the same and submit their preferences (of price as well as quantity) through that channel.

Conclusion Online IPO Penny Stock has helped the small investors to apply and ultimately invest in these IPO shares in a more convenient way. They don’t have to visit premises of broking houses and fill up the form. Hence, online route has made the process of IPO penny stock application easier.


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Last Updated on : 30th July 2013

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