Money Market Information

The money market being critical in the context of modern commercial activities money market information is extremely important nowadays. Money market basically means dealing in short term securities that have lower levels of risk. The key components of the money market are certificates of deposit and the Treasury Notes.
Mutual funds in the United States sell their shares so that they are able to buy short term securities. The earnings from these are consequently allotted amongst the shareholders as extra shares in the funds. These funds could technically be regarded as money market funds.

Investment Dictionary
Investment dictionary provides extremely important information about money market. According to the Investment Dictionary the money market is the securities market where transactions in short term debts and monetary instruments take place.

The Investment Dictionary says that the securities of this market are extremely liquid and have a maturity period of not more than a year.

Investopedia provided necessary information on money market. According to the Investopedia the securities traded in the money market are relatively devoid of risks and the Treasury Bills constitute a major portion of the money markets.

Financial & Investment Dictionary
The Financial & Investment Dictionary is extremely important when it comes to obtaining money market information. It enlists and schematically presents all necessary money market data. It enlists the categories of securities that are traded in the present day money markets, like:
Discount Notes of the Federal Farm Credit System
Federal Funds Borrowings between Banks
Certificates of Deposit
Bank Borrowings from the Federal Reserve Bank Window
Treasury Bills
The Various Forms of Repurchase Agreements
Eurodollar Certificates of Deposit
Discount Notes of the Federal Home Loan Bank
Commercial Paper
Discount Notes of the Federal National Mortgage Association
Banker’s Acceptances
According to the Financial & Investment Dictionary, the following are the main operators of the present day money markets:
Money Center Banks
Open Market Trading Desk at the New York Federal Reserve Bank
According to the Financial & Investment Dictionary, the following are the biggest money markets in terms of importance:
New York City

The Arbitrage Opportunities are an important phenomenon in the context of modern money markets as it is responsible for the uniformity in prices of securities throughout the leading money markets around the world. Throughout the money markets in the world the dealers are important as they keep in touch with the biggest money markets and the biggest borrowers across the world.

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