Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are supposed to be the best mode of investment in the capital market since they are very cost beneficial and simple, and do not require an investor to figure out which securities to invest into. A mutual fund could simply be described as a financial medium used by a group of investors to increase their money with a predetermined investment.
The responsibility for investing the pooled money into specific investment channels lies with the fund manager of said mutual fund. Therefore investment in a mutual fund means that the investor has bought the shares of the mutual fund and has become a shareholder of that fund.

Diversification of investment
Investors are able to purchase securities with much lower trading costs by pooling money together in a mutual fund rather than try to do it on their own. However the biggest advantage that mutual funds offer is diversification which allows the investor to spread out his money across a wide spectrum of investments.

Therefore when one investment is not doing well, another may be doing taking off, thereby balancing the risk to profit ratio and considerably covering the overall investment.

The best form of diversification is to invest in multiple securities rather than in just one security. Mutual funds are set up with the precise objective of investing in multiple securities that can run into hundreds. It could take weeks for an investor to investigate on this kind of scale, but with investment in mutual funds all this could be done in a matter of hours.

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