Allstate Business Insurance

Allstate business insurance products are offered by Allstate Corporation. Allstate was established in 1931 and at present, it has been placed among the Fortune 100 companies. The company has a long line of products and services that are offered to both institutional and individual clients.
The Allstate business insurance offers different kind of insurance plans for different industries.

The following industries are mainly provided with the Allstate business insurance products and services:
Vending Operations
Heating & Air Conditioning
Wholesale Food Distributor
Independent Tool Distribution
Lawn Service
Carpet Cleaning Specialist
Independent Distributor
Bakery Food Distributor

The Allstate business insurance provides a number of insurance plans for the business vehicles. These plans are very helpful because it offers the business-owners with the opportunity to provide insurance coverage to the business vehicles as well as the vehicles used by the employees.

The following plans are available for the purpose:
Liability Coverage for any Kind of Bodily Injury
Coverage for Visual Equipments
Data Electronic Equipment Coverage
Liability Coverage for Damaged Properties
Coverage Hired Auto
Coverage Medical Payments
Rental Reimbursement
Bodily Injury Coverage for Uninsured Motorists
Coverage for Loading and Unloading Activities
Insurance Coverage for Non-Owned Auto
Coverage for Collision caused by Uninsured Motorists
Drive Other Car
Comprehensive Coverage
Additional Insurance Coverage

The claim process of Allstate business insurance is concluded as early as possible. The company tries to provide the clients with benefits quickly but at the same time, different type of claims takes different amount of time. This is subjected to the involvement of parties in the collision, kind of damage, casualty and so on.
Contact Details:
Corporate Headquarters
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone:847 402 5000

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