Grants for Small Business Owners

There are different types of grants for small business owners that are available from different sources. These grants are offered by governments and many other institutions. These grants help the small business owners develop their businesses in a convenient manner.

About Grants for Small Business Owners
Various types of grants are available for small business owners from governments, several organizations, and also other sources. Financial aids in the form of grants for small business owners form a vital portion of the financing process of small businesses.

Organizational and government grants are every time regarded as feasible alternatives for assisting the growth and funding of new small businesses in every sector.

Having adequate startup capital is absolutely necessary for a new small business or expansion of a present small business. At the present time, different forms of grants are available for the small business owners to help them begin small businesses or expand their present businesses, which include business grants, individual grants, government grants and others.
Grants for small businesses can be availed quite easily. A number of states in the United States offer small business grants as the Federal Government of the United States do not provide small business grants. In addition, several state development agencies are providing small business grants and other forms of financial aids to small business enterprises in that country.
Types of Grants and Loans for Small Business Owners

The grants and loans for small business owners can be categorized into the following types:
Commercial mortgage loans
Equipment leasing
Working capital loans
Government business loans
Invoice factoring
Unsecured small business loans
The government business loans and grants can be categorized into the following:
Small Business Loan Programs (Basic 7(a) Business Loan Guaranty Program)
Veteran Small Business Loans
Low Documentation Loan (Contract Line, Standard Asset-Based Line, Builders Line, and Small Asset-Based Line)
Small Business Grants (Small Business Innovation Research or SBIR Program and Small Business Technology Transfer or STTR Program)
Venture Capital (Small Business Investment Companies or SBICs and Canadian Small Business Financing Program in Canada)

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