Grants for Women Business Owners

Currently, the grants for women business owners function as useful devices for starting their own business or expanding their existing businesses. In countries like the United States, grants for woman business owners are available from the federal grant programs and several foundations.

About Grants for Women Business Owners
Women form a significant portion of the population in the United States and over the last 10 years or so, the number of businesses owned by women have witnessed a phenomenal growth. These businesses have prospered in the same manner as men-owned businesses.Women who are looking for capital for the purpose of funding their businesses can obtain business grants.

The grants for women business owners help them in a number of ways. They can commence their own business or carry out expansion of their existing businesses.

The significant growth in the number of women business owners in the last 10 years speaks volumes about their success.
Special grants are being offered to women who are going to commence a home-based business, which allows them to stay and work at home simultaneously.

In the United States, various federal grant programs and foundations are offering grants to women for small businesses.

The grants for women business owners are available for women who are involved in the following types of businesses:
Catering business
Fooding and lodging business
Record labels business
Photography business
Handicrafts business
Greetings card business
Brokerage business
Consultancy business

Types of Grants for Women Business Owners
The grants for women business owners may be categorized into the following types:
Government grants for women for commencing their own businesses
Women’s Grants for single mothers or women with a particular necessity
Government Grants for Women belonging to the Minority Community
Business Grants for Women for rent, overhead, equipment or other expenditures


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