SBA Women’s Business Ownership

SBA Women’s Business Ownership programs are supervised by SBA or the United States Small Business Administration. The Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) under the SBA helps women accomplish their aspirations and development of their communities in a number of ways.

About SBA Women’s Business Ownership
The United States Small Business Administration or SBA monitors the SBA Women’s Business Ownership Programs through the Office of Women’s Business Ownership, which is a division of the organization. This helps women reach their goals and develop the condition of their families as well as the whole community.

Women entrepreneurs are assisted for beginning new business ventures, irrespective of financial or social hindrances.

The Online Women’s Business Center and the OWBO are built-in constituents of the network of Entrepreneurial Development for counseling and educational facilities.Nevertheless, women keep on experiencing different types of obstructions in the global business sector. The SBA is trying to help out women by creating a level playing field for women entrepreneurs and the Office of Women’s Business Ownership under the SBA is playing a decisive role in it.
The OWBO encourages the development of commercial enterprises owned by women with the help of educational programs and other programs that deal with commercial education and technical support. It also offers accessibility to capital and credit, federal agreements, as well as global trade benefits.

The OWBO is carrying out its operations with the help of a countrywide mentoring network and women’s business ownership representatives in approximately each district office of SBA. Apart from these there are women’s business centers in approximately each state and district, venture capital companies possessed by women and the Online Women’s Business Center that are also serving to the purpose of encouraging women business-owners to come forward. In this way, the OWBO is aiding a large number of women commence and establish profitable businesses. At each phase of a business, the OWBO is always present to educate, advise, promote and motivate.
Contact Details:
Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO)
Small Business Administration
409 Third Street SW, Sixth Floor
Washington, DC 20416
Phone: (202) 205–6673

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