Wachovia Business Insurance

Every business, may be big or small, is exposed to a number of financial and other risks. The Wachovia Business Insuranceoffers a number of insurance policies to the businesses owners so that they as well as their employees remain covered for any kind of potential risk.
In 2001, the Wachovia Corporation and First Union Corporation came together to offer a number insurance products to the market. After merging with Wachovia Corporation, First Union altered its name and came to be known as Wachovia Corporation. At present the company is providing services to nearly 15 million clients.

The company offers a number insurance plans and Wachovia Business Insurance is also a part of these products.

Products Offered by Wachovia Business Insurance
Wachovia is a reputed name in the insurance industry of the United States of America. The company has business partnership with a number of other insurance companies and this alliance offers some of the best business insurance products for the industry. Some of these products are the following:

General Liability Insurance of Wachovia Business Insurance
There are several incidents where a business owner is sued for a number of reasons like bad quality of products, any accident occurred on in the premises of the business-owner or something else. These incidents are increasing rapidly. The general liability insurance provides the business-owners with the essential coverage against any kind of such activities

Business Auto Insurance from Wachovia
There are a number of private as well as rented vehicles that are used for the businesses. Under this insurance plan, all such vehicles are provided with insurance coverage

Workers Compensation Provided by Wachovia Business Insurance
The employees may face accidents while they are working. The claims made for these accidents costs heavily. Wachovia helps the business-owners to handle these potential losses easily

Commercial Property Insurance Offered by Wachovia Business Insurance
This insurance plan is to provide insurance coverage to a wide range of commercial properties. These properties include money, buildings, machineries and a lot more.

Apart from all these, Wachovia Business Insurance also offers a number of employee benefit and employee voluntary benefit programs to the business owners

Contact Details:
Wachovia Corporation
301 South College Street, Suite 4000
One Wachovia Center
Charlotte, North Carolina 28288 0013
(704) 374 6161

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