First Trust Portfolio

First Trust Portfolio was established in 1991 along with First Trust Advisors, its affiliate company. The headquarters of this company is located in Lisle, Illinois. The company operates in both the United States and Canada, and provides a wide range of investment services.

Following are the broad services of First Trust Portfolio:
Financial advisory services
Asset management
Unit investment trust sponsorship
Municipal and corporate investment banking

The various types of investments of First Trust Portfolio are:
Private placement equity offerings which can only be used by accredited investors
Closed-end funds
Unit investment trusts
Separate managed accounts
Variable annuity sub-accounts

The investors doing business with this company buy units of a trust and therefore become undivided owners of a part of the assets of the unit trust of the company.

Following are the advantages of investing with First Trust Portfolio:
There are no risks of manager turnover
Known portfolio
Manager-driven style drifts are absent
There is no closet indexing

Rather than selecting individual stocks and bonds, the company offers its clients the option of owning a variety of securities with each purchase. Portfolios are designed with the consideration of issues such as asset allocation, tax control, diversification, and liquidity. The company fully discloses its business activities, and this transparency attracts a many investors. Rates offered by the company are competitive and management strategies are fairly simple.

Following are the clients of First Trust Portfolio:
Brokerage firms
Insurance companies
Profit-sharing plans
Retirement and pension systems

In the long term, the investing solutions provided by First Trust Advisors typically outperform stock markets. They follow the FTA Proprietary Valuation Model.

Contact details of First Trust Portfolio:
Phone: 1.800.621.1675

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