Mutual Funds Portfolio

Definition of Mutual Funds Portfolio
A mutual funds portfolio could be defined as a list of mutual funds possessed by an investor. The mutual funds portfolio could also be called a collection of assets that are held by the investor to cut down the risks involved with investments.

Mutual Funds Portfolio Management Strategies
A very important aspect of mutual fund portfolios is managing the assets. It is important for investors to take care of them properly so that the maximum benefit could be derived out of them. There are certain strategies, however, that an investor can follow and safeguard the investments.

They could be enumerated as below:
Re-Balancing Strategy
Wing-It Strategy
Buy-and-Hold Strategy
Market Timing Strategy
Re-Balancing Strategy
Re-balancing is one of the various strategies employed by the investors to look after their assets. According to this plan the investors make a few changes in their portfolios from time to time. The modifications are generally made after the investor revises the structure of his portfolios. The re-balancing strategies contain characteristics of both the market timing and buy-hold strategies.
�Wing-It� Strategy
The �wing-it� strategy is the most widely followed mutual fund portfolio management strategy. This specific type is not really a well co-ordinated one. This particular form of management is a favorite of the investors, but the financial experts are sure that this form cannot assure the investors too much of success. The reason behind such a thought is its inconsistent nature.
Buy-and-Hold Strategy
This is a pretty uncomplicated process of managing the mutual funds portfolios as they could be used conveniently. If the investors follow this strategy and are able to bear the fluctuations of the market they can earn money most of the times, as shown by statistics.
Market Timing Strategy
The market timing strategy means that the investor is able to change the markets he is dealing in at the right moment. This particular strategy enables the investors to make their investments at the least possible amount and sell them at the right time so as to derive the maximum profit possible.

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