Risk Management Courses

Risk management courses have been helping the students to get a foothold in the modern insurance industry by providing them with the precise curriculum. The risk management courses are primarily one-year diploma programs that are offered at the postgraduate level.

Description of Risk Management Courses
The risk management courses are mainly full time courses and are normally provided as diploma programs at the postgraduate level. The risk management courses prove to be of great use in enabling the students to get a breakthrough in the insurance services industry.

The risk management courses have been designed in a way that the students are provided with the skills that are necessary in order to function properly in the present day insurance scenario. These courses are provided by the leading financial institutions all across the world.

Structure of Risk Management Courses
The risk management courses basically have a time limit of one year. In most of the cases the courses are split up into twelve smaller courses that are taught in almost 800 hours of lectures.

Applicants of Risk Management Courses

In case of the risk management courses it has been seen that the applicants are of three categories:
Graduates from any stream
A person holding a Bachelor’s degree and trying to build a career in insurance. They should be able to give an entire year for the course.
Post Graduates from any stream

Subjects Covered in Risk Management Courses

The following subjects are normally taught in the risk management courses:
Information Systems and Analysis
Perspectives on Risk and Insurance
Personality Development and Communications
Principles and Practices of Individual Life and Health Insurance
Actuarial Concepts and Principles
Marketing Management
Principles of Pension Planning
National Financial Systems
Financial Risk Management
Principles and Practice of General Insurance
Management of Insurance Institutions
Corporate Risk Management


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