Risk Management Jobs

Risk management has become an important factor for the modern business sector. Because of this, a number of risk management job opportunities are offered by a wide range of companies from various sectors including insurance, oil and gas, real estate, construction and many more.
At present a number of risk management jobs are available in the market. These jobs are offered by different sectors to minimize the risk factors as much as possible.

Each and every business sector has its own risks and so the necessity of risk management professionals is there in every field.

Position: Field Investigator
About the job: Field investigators are very important for any insurance company. These people are responsible for carrying out the investigations to identify the fake claims.

These people are also responsible for looking into any kind of internal fraud. At times these investigators are also responsible for providing training to the junior staffs.
Required Qualities: The job requires previous work experience. Art of interviewing and analyzing the facts logically are other essential qualities required for the job. The minimum educational qualification is a college degree (two years). People with conflict management skills are given preference for the job.
Position: RCDP
About the Job: These people are also related to the risk management and loss control sector. They work in a specific territory that is assigned to them by the company. Their prime duty is to deliver risk control services to those clients who are involved in the underwriting business. These professionals offer technical and account related data to these clients that help them to evaluate the risk factors.
Required Qualities: Developed communication skills are necessary for this job. Interviewing techniques are also very important here. The individual should have proper business knowledge and a clear conception about the insurance products related to the commercial field. Proper technical knowledge about the field is also crucial for the position of RCDP.

Position: Property Loss Specialist
About the Job: These people are mainly related to the insurance sector. The job carries the responsibility of handling property loss claims. These claims are investigated by these people.
Required Qualities: Good educational carrier and communication skills are very essential for this job. At the same time, analytical qualities are also required. Property training and license are must and previous job experience is essential.

Position: Loss Control Representative
About the Job: The loss control representative is responsible for designing and implementing safety programs. At the same time, these people are also responsible for investigating the accidents. Inspection of the commercial accounts for preparing analytical reports is also a part of this job. The representatives assist the company clients as well as agents in preventing or managing losses.
Required Qualities: The job demands candidates from science background or engineering graduates. At least 10 years of experience is must for the job. Previous job in a multi-line insurance company is preferred.

A number of other job options are there in the risk management jobs category.

Some of these risk management jobs are as follows:
Technical Consultant I, LP
Risk Control CER Consultant
Special Investigator
Oil & Gas Risk Control Specialist
Forensic Specialist
Senior Ergonomics Specialist
Property Specialist
Senior Loss Control Representative
Loss Control Manager


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Last Updated on : 8th July 2013

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