Credit Risk Management

Credit risk management is extremely important as far as the overall financial stability of the financial institutions like the banks is concerned. The credit risk management situations in most banks are not exactly impressive and thus this process becomes all the more important.
The basic aim of the system of credit risk management is to reduce the potential of credit risk that may be faced by a particular creditor.

Importance of Credit Risk Management
The credit risk management is of utmost importance for the banks and other financial institutions that have been the chief sources of credit for many years. It has been observed that the financial institutions that are able to manage their credit risks properly are functioning well.

Situations of Credit Risk Management
There are a variety of problems related to credit risk management that have been important in this context.

However, the most important factor in this case has been the absence of proper credit rules for the debtors. At times it has also been noticed that the companies have not been able to manage their portfolios in a proper way.
The banks and other financial institutions that are dealing in credit services have not always been able to take into account the various economic factors that have contributed to a decline in the credit capabilities of the borrowers.
Aim of Credit Risk Management
The most basic aim of the process of credit risk management is to minimize the levels of credit risk that a particular institutional creditor like a bank faces when it lends money to a particular borrower. The system of credit risk management accomplishes that by keeping the levels of the risk faced by a bank within certain acceptable standards.

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Last Updated on : 8th July 2013

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