American Stock Exchange (US)

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is an American stock exchange located in New York. Being a mutual association, AMEX is owned by its members.

History and Origin of the American Stock Exchange

The roots of the American Stock Exchange traced in colonial times when stock brokers formed outdoor markets to buy and sell new government securities. The AMEX commenced like such a market at the curbstone on Broad Street near Exchange Place. In 1921, the market was shifted inside the building where it still situated.

AMEX keeps on to deal small to mid-size stocks but its main business was shifting over the years from stocks to options and Exchange-traded funds. In the mid 1990s the exchange was stubborn by accusations of trading improprieties, highlighted by Business Week in 1999. In 1998, the American Stock Market amalgamated with the National Association of Securities Dealers to form “The Nasdaq-Amex Market Group”.
In 2004, following the tension between the NASD and AMEX members, AMEX members bought out the NASD and got control of the AMEX.

Being one of the three leading American stock exchanges, the AMEX is recognized to have the most liberal policies regarding company listing, and the majority of its companies are generally smaller contrasted to the NYSE and NASDAQ.

The Amex becomes specialists in the trading of ETFs, and hybrid/structured securities. In 2005, an effort of the AMEX to popularize an American implementation of the Canadian income trust model ended in success.

On November 30, 2006, the AMEX Composite, a value-weighted index of all stocks listed on the exchange, created a record monthly close of 2,069.16 points.

The business of the AMEX was provisionally affected by the September 11, 2001 attacks, as it situated near the World Trade Center.

Inter@ctive Week Internet Index
Amex Composite
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Five Year Treasury
Russell 2000
Russell 3000
Ten Year Treasury

Major Companies listed on American Stock Exchange Grey Wolf, Inc
Yamana Gold Inc
Northgate Minerals Corporation
Northern Orion Resources Inc
Ultra Petroleum Corp
On2 Technologies, Inc
Covad Communications Group, Inc
Taseko Mines Limited
Crystallex International Corp
Golden Star Resources Ltd

Top Investors
British American Tobacco,
Imperial Oil Limited
Seaboard Corporation
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Aberdeen Global Income Fund
AEW Real Estate Income Fund
AirNet Systems, Inc
American Community Properties Trust
American Telecom Services, Inc
Birks & Mayors Inc

Location Details
American Stock Exchange
86 Trinity Place
New York,
NY 10006
Tel: 212-306-1000

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