Amman Stock Exchange

In March 1999, the Amman Stock Exchange was founded in Jordan. Named after Jordan’s capital city, the Amman Stock Exchange is a non-profit, private institution that has financial and administrative liberty. It is designed to function as an exchange of securities for trading.
The ASE is regulated by a seven-member board of directors and a chief-executive officer overlooks the day to day duties and reports to the board. Jordan’s 52 brokerage firms are the members of the Amman Stock Exchange(ASE). The mission of the ASE is to set up a fair, effective and liquid market for trading securities.

For protecting and guaranteeing the rights of its shareholders, the ASE attempts to offer a strong and secure setting for its listed securities. To offer a see-through and effective market, the exchange has executed internationally accredited directions regarding market divisions and itemization of criteria.

The ASE is an energetic member of the Union of Arab Stock Exchanges, the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges, an associate member of the World Federation of Exchanges, and an affiliate part of the International Organization for Security Commissions.
The ASE is dedicated to providing an active market for the itemization of securities, which stands on the efficient determination of prices and reasonable, see-through trading. While offering modern and effectual amenities for trading, the ASE is also monitoring and regulating market trading. The ASE ensures that the issuers get timely information about the market and that they distribute market information to the relevant people.
History and Origin of the Amman Stock Exchange
The Jordan Securities Commission was set up by the securities law in 1997 so it could supervise and monitor the AFM and the ASE when it was later formed. The ASE is a non-profit, private institution with financial and administrative liberty, which was founded in March 1999 and is named after the capital city of Jordan, Amman.
Top Investors:
Arab Bank, Arab American Insurance Company, TAMR, IEAI, Jordan Telecom, Ad-Dulayl Industrial.
Its Location Details

Office Address:
Shmeisani -Islam Ajlouni Street,
Hamzeh Centre ,
4th floor,
Postal Address:
PO. Box 212466,
Amman, 11121,
Contact Information:
Phone: +962 6566 -4109
Fax: +962 6566-4071

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