Australian Stock Exchange

Founded in 1871, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) started as several state-based exchanges. Today, AXS’s own shares are traded on its floor, though the corporation’s charter limits individual assets to a small portion of the company.
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASTC) controls ASX though ASX controls other enrolled companies which are enrolled on it.

In July 2006, Robert Elstone was selected as the managing director of ASX.

History and Origin
The exchange started as six separate exchanges founded in each of the state capitals:

Sydney(1871), Hobart(1882), Melbourne(1884), Brisbane(1884), Adelaide(1887), and Perth(1889).

An Exchange in Launceston combined with the Hobart Exchange.In 1903 the first inter-state conference was organized.The Australian Associated Stock Exchange was formed in 1937. In the 1960’s, the call system of trading changed to a post system.
In 1976, the Australian Option Market was formed, and the Melbourne and Sydney Stock Exchange indices were substituted for Australian Stock Exchange indices in 1980.

In 1987 the separate exchanges combined to establish ASX and in 1990 the Warrants Market was formed.
Major Companies Listed:
AAV Limited
Deep Sea Fisheries Limited
Gale Pacific Limited
Gateway Mining NL
Eagle Bay Resources NL
Sabina Corporation Limited
S8 Property Trust
Pacific Brands Limited
MacArthur Cook Limited

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