Chicago Stock Exchange

Situated in Chicago, llinois, the Chicago Stock Exchange is the United States’ third major dynamic Stock Exchange compared to that of New York City. Originally established on March 21,1882, the Chicago Exchange integrated with the St.Louis, Cleveland and the Minneapolis/St. Paul Stock Exchanges in 1949, and came to be known as Midwest Stock Exchange.
After ten years, it took over the New Orleans Stock Exchange. In 1993, its name officially changed to the Chicago Stock Exchange(CHX). It is a regional Stock Exchange. As far as current developments, a New Trading Model(NTM) is planned on October 23rd and CHX expects to introduce it in the end of 2006 by the sanction of Securities and Exchange Commission.

NTM system is effectual from December 11th and AMEX, NYSE and regional securities combined to the NTM.

History and Origin of the CHX

1864-1882 – Chicago brokers,traders, and businessmen formed this exchange.

March 21,1882 – The first formally organized gathering was held

End of1880’s – Chicago and New York Stock Exchanges both quoted a newly issued stock–the earliest case of dual listing

April 26,1920 – CHX Stock Clearing Corporation formed

1929 – Shedd Aquarium began

1930’s-1940’s – Century of improvement

May 27,1933 – Securities Act of 1933 enacted

June 6, 1934 – Securities Exchange Act of 1934 enacted, modulating Securities Trading and forming the SEC

1947 – Chicago Transit Authority formed

1950 – Midwest Stock Exchange took over New Orleans Stock Exchange

April 17, 1978 – Investment Trading System introduced

1980-1990 – 10 years of technological advancement

1990’s – Rebeginning of the CHX

August 28,2000 – 13 NYSE and AMEX issues begin trading in decimals

Major Companies Listed
Apple Computer,Inc
Nations Health;Inc.;unit
Lifecore Biomedical,Inc.
Inspire Pharmaceuticals,Inc.
Greater Atlantic Financial Corp.
Forrester Research.Inc.
Horizon Health Corporation
National Home Health Care,Corp.
Merit Medicals Systems,Inc.
NxStage Medical,Inc.
Guidelines for Investment
Companies may provide different benefits to their shareholders, which often determines whether or not to go public or register their names on the CHX. Some considerations include:
Market Transparency
Tighter Spreads
Market Liquidity
Access to advanced trading technology
Company Visibility
CHX registration requirements ask that companies:
Be publicly accepted
Have suitable liquidity to meet the demands of an auction market
Possess sufficient net tangible assets and proven earnings capability
Offer products and services
Operate in the public interest
Location Details
Chicago Stock Exchange
440 South Lasalle Street
Chicago, IL,60605 -1070
Phone: 312.663.2222

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